Order of Events

Here is a typical order of events schedule for a Masonic Ladies Festival...

Drinks reception

Photographs to be taken (if applicable)

Presentation of all guests to President and Lady

Toastmaster escorts President and his Lady to their table.

President to say Grace (on reaching table)

Commence dinner, taking wine between courses (see Taking Wine List)

Coffee served, all stand to sing Masonic Grace (words are shown on the menu card)

Remain standing to sing National Anthem sung (first verse)

Start the formal toasts: toastmaster announces ‘ the Loyal Toast. The Queen’

President gives permission to smoke

Toasts, speeches & presentations (see Toasts, Speeches & Presentations page)

Toastmaster draws tickets for table prizes and Festival Committee sell raffle tickets

Claim attention to President, who will call up Festival Committee and Lady(s), to thank them and make a presentation

Toastmaster announces that the President and Lady are to retire

Let dancing begin – President and his Lady lead the dancing

Band break – draw raffle – President’s Lady to assist?

Close the evening – form a circle for ‘Auld Lang Syne’ – chair the President

Final words from the President

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