Finding the Perfect Venue

Chances are there’ll be several potential venues for your Ladies Festival, so how do you know which one is best?

When it comes to venue sourcing you have two options; use a venue directory like to browse and select suitable venues and contact them directly, or use a specialist masonic event venue finding service such as the one offered by who offer a free sourcing service.

Which option you chose will depend on how much time you have and how many options you’d like to consider.

Before starting your search for a ladies festival venue, we recommend having the following information in mind:

  • Number of guests in attendance
  • Location & transport - do you need parking or access to public transport
  • Style of venue - are you looking for traditional or modern
  • Accommodation - how many overnight rooms will you need
  • Facilities - do you want to provide leisure activities – spa/golf etc.
  • Entertainment - will you need room for bands, dancefloors, staging, screens/projectors
  • Budget - do you have a price per head/couple in mind

Square Events Management can also help you with sourcing entertainment, toastmasters and florists plus the facility for taking bookings and payments from your membership. 

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